Something new: moving

In what stumbling ways, a new soul is begun.
- John Keats

I am moving.  

I have spent wonderful moments hanging out on this spot. But as the ways of the world go, so must I go. This has been in fact a lighter place than I'd rather intend. I would be moving to deeper and darker waters, so to speak. If you don't mind, then you may visit me there.

You may stay as chic as you are, dear readers.

{photograph by quentin de briey}


Turning the page

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The mind is an intricate shadow dashing around here and there.

As the new year begins to lumber on, a certain resolve of turning a new leaf, formed during the remnants of the previous year, have already taken hold. These thoughts, pulled out from cabinets inside my head, swept down on my virtual identity and left stones upturned on its wake.

Just like the season turning colors, this blog has changed names and titles. I made new corners and scrapped old dusty ones. It is a bit of a fleeting goodbye from its old face since I wasn't able to say it properly. The little readers I have before, or none for that matter, must think I've disappeared into oblivion.

The blog link and name of this spot was replaced from disheveled chic to wisps of melancholy. It's been coming along for a while now but I deemed the former name doesn't relate to me anymore nor could I feel any bridge of connection. 

Most of what I post here lately are mere reflection of things and ideas that come to me at moments out of time, like fleeting impressions swept by the wind. This may seem a vague description of the state of my mind, how it chases one thing to another, how unpredictable it can be.

No matter, it's time to turn the page.

{P.S. At the present, instead of just changing names, I decided to move my blog to a new place.}

{collage, balloons}